At CountPro we adhere to a fundamental policy of supporting the communities in which we live and work, which is why we focus on providing employment opportunities to locals.

We aim to develop and grow a well aligned team of experts to provide services to the businesses we work with.

Find out more about our approach to developing a quality team at CountPro.


Values Based Culture

Our team has identified a set of key values that drive how we do business. These values form the foundations of how we interact as a team, they drive our performance and define our careers. Our values are so important to us, that we prioritise working with businesses and people who are aligned to our values – after all, we must enjoy what we do and who we do it for!

Team Alignment

Working closely together, it is crucial that we achieve synergy in the work environment. We share a common set of values and work to achieve a series of goals that are regularly reviewed and set by the team as a whole. A career at CountPro is more than a job, it is being part of an aligned team where social interaction, shared purpose and team culture are encouraged and celebrated.

Community Engagement

At CountPro we practice what we preach. Community involvement is a key part of the firm’s mission and we understand the important role that our team plays in achieving this. Whether it is organising fundraising events to support local charities, buying local or volunteering our time to community organisations, CountPro actively champions community engagement.

Access to the best tools

Whether it be access to the latest software or application or being provided with the latest hardware, CountPro takes pride in ensuring their team is provided with access to the best tools. This investment results in a high quality product and an efficient service, all carried out by a team that is always equipped with what they need to do it really well.    

Investment in Development

We understand that the best investment we can make is in our people. This is why we work with our entire team to develop personalised development plans aimed at ensuring they each have the required skills to undertake their roles. Whether it be training in specific technical knowledge or other personal skills, we are always looking for opportunities to invest in developing the knowledge and skills base of our entire team.

Career Progression

Although we are a mid-sized regional firm, there are always opportunities for career progression within our team. Persistence, hard work and outstanding results are always rewarded and recognised and all team members are provided with opportunities to demonstrate their ability to lead.

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