CountPro Team Profile – Kiri Fry

CountPro Team Profile – Kiri Fry

Last week we caught up with Administration Manager, Kiri fry, to ask the tough questions…


When did you join the team at CountPro?

Back in February 2010.


What do you enjoy most about working at CountPro?

Definitely the people! I love working as part of a team and having such great people to work with every day is brilliant. Also, our lovely clients – over the years the team has built great relationships with many of our clients (big and small) and it is so rewarding to see how the firm has been able to assist them as well as deal with them on a day-to-day basis.


What is the best thing about the new CountPro office?

The natural light – I love being able to see outside from my desk! The coffee machine and carpark are pretty awesome too.


What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

At the moment…….shopping! I am really enjoying exploring all the shops and cafes in Central Ballarat on the weekends. (I am on the countdown for the Country Road store to open on Sturt Street)

I also love spending heaps of time vegging out with our dogs, grooming them, and taking them for walks (when it’s not raining).


Where are you planning to go on your next holiday?

The plan is to go paddleboarding in Merimbula, later this year. They have a surfing carnival in November which has a paddleboarding section………..(I might pick up some good tips). The food and coffee in Merimbula is also amazing.


You are passionate about your dogs, you had better tell us more about them.

We have two orange oodles! Jock is a 10-year-old groodle who loves attention and human company (and would love to come into the office with me) and Pippa is a very athletic 3-year-old sheepadoodle who trots around the house with a teddybear in her mouth. We take them for walks (sniff fests) around the neighbourhood so they can catch up on what all the other neighbour dogs are up to.


You like to eat out on a fairly regular basis; what is your go-to menu choice?

At the moment – my current favourite is Hideaway café in Brown Hill and my weekend brekky is their Honey Granola and 2 coffees (five senses). Their in-house baked pastries are also to die for!

For dinner – I love Carboni’s and my favourite is the Gnocchi in creamy pork & fennel sausage sauce with truffle with a garlic pizza on the side….sometimes followed by tiramisu!

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