CountPro Team Profile – Michael Hutton

CountPro Team Profile – Michael Hutton

Join us as we catch up with Auditor, and sports enthusiast, Michael Hutton…


When did you join the team at CountPro?

I started on 23 July 2018.


What do you enjoy most about working at CountPro?

There’s a heavy focus on teamwork, with an emphasis on professionalism and quality. We have an expert team that can be relied upon for advice on just about any subject.


As a key member of our audit team, do you have any advice for clients to help them prepare for an audit?

Ensure that your prior year accounting records agree to the prior year audited financial statements.  This goes a long way to ensuring your current year figures are correct.


What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I have been into sport my whole life, in the past having played squash, participated in archery, and am currently involved in a mixed netball team, two basketball teams and a cricket club, which keeps me busy and somewhat fit.


Prior to your career in public accounting you worked in a fast paced and demanding retail/hospitality environment.  Tell us about that and some of the lessons you learned along the way.

I learnt how the value of customer service can be integrated into my current role, dealing with demanding deadlines, being fully aware of everything happening around me, allowing me to assist with issues efficiently and the ups and downs of being the boss.


You are an avid reader and also enjoy a good movie.  Can you tell us about a book and a movie that you have enjoyed recently?

I have just commenced reading a series by Bill Runner, about the character “Axel Blaze”, who has been described as Dirty Harry meets Jack Reacher (whom I’m also a fan of). They’re action-packed novels that don’t drag on for too long, but aren’t over the top. I enjoy a good movie or TV show, a recent movie I watched and thoroughly enjoyed was Bullet Train, which turned out to have some great twists, action sequences and some comedy.

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